Video Blog Designs for WordPress

This is a website that has 50 wide variety of video blog designs for WordPress. You should start pick your design and make your video blog post today!


This Forbes article, “Video Blogs” talks about the hundreds of people who are “vloggers” or video bloggers. Author Mara Leventhal explains that there many blogs but not as many video bloggers even though this community of people are only growing. Click here to read the article.

Automatic Speech Recognition

This is an article along with a video that explains the new caption technology called automatic speech recognition. YouTube now has the ability to be able to automatically synchronize with a .txt file. To learn more about ASR click here.

Wait, you said how many…

Get ready for this, if you don’t have a Facebook page and are over the age of 12 (if you’re under the age of 12 go do something fun, not this), you are in the minority of people in all of America! That’s right, according to an article from by Les Yates, over 50% of people that are older than 12 years ​old have a Facebook account. Still don’t think it’s important to have a Facebook Business Page? There is a huge market of people out there waiting to listen to your message (maybe not waiting, but they’re still there) and by not creating a Facebook Business Page you are falling behind your competitors. To read the full article, click here.

It’s Business Time

In early March, Facebook made some changes to their Business Page feature and some of the changes could be confusing. Good thing Vangie Beal from wrote an article, “3 How-To Tips for Your Facebook Business Page,” that helps with some of the new changes (instructions included in article). To read the full article and pick up some tips, click here.

Can Social Media Help Small Business Too?

In short, yes! It’s crucial for your business, no matter the size, to be using all sorts of social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, blogs,etc.). The article, “Living Social,” from has some great stories about small businesses using social networking to help with sales or with being in touch with consumers. One cool example from the article was a cleaner business in VA who told their customers about “Free Pants Wednesday” on social sites that led to a huge increase in sales. To read the full article, click here.

Linkedin Is Your Business’s Personal PR firm

Linkedin has been around longer than Facebook and Twitter but is harder to figure out how to use effectively to promote your business. Here are ten basic ways explaining how to use Linkedin.

Generate New Business With Linkedin

Linkedin is useful for current business owners but is also significant to use when building a new business. Linkedin puts expert professionals at your finger tips, and the usage is only increasing. To read five helpful tips click here.

Linkedin Is Important For Small Business Owners

Guy Kawasaki, co-founder of AllTop blogged about ten tips for small business to use Linkedin. This list was directly given to him from his friends that work at Linkedin. To read the ten tips click here.

Tips and Tricks to LinkedIn

This article directs you to many links that can help you generate a better business, a better understanding ​of Linkedin for yourself and to advocate it to your friends. To read links that relate to your needs, click here.